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  • How can i buy Vintage Paint?

  • How many coats of Vintage Paint do I need for my project?

  • Do I need to wax my furniture after painting?

  • Do I need to prep my furniture first?

  • What coverage should I expect with Vintage Paint?

  • How matte or shiny is Vintage Paint?

  • How long should I wait to apply another coat or to apply clearcoat?

  • What is the difference between Vintage Paint and Chalk Paint?

  • How do I distress Vintage Paint for a shabby chic look?

  • What is the differences between your whites?

  • What brush should I use and how do I clean them?

  • Why does Voodoo Molly have primers and clearcoats if Vintage paint doesn't need either?

  • Do I have to sand my surface before painting?

  • Why should i seal my project?

  • What is the difference between clearcoat and wax, and which should i use?

  • Is Vintage Wax sticky when you apply it and would it stay like that?

  • Does your Vintage Clearcoat and your Vintage Wax yellow over time?

  • Can I get a white-wash or colour-wash look with vintage paint

  • Have another question?