About Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint

A super-special designer furniture paint 

Made in New Zealand

Vintage Paint has the right combination of quality ingredients to help you create furniture makeovers in super quick time. Every time!

Easy Brush is the result of a unique acrylic-based formula that behaves like no other on the market. 

Why settle for decorators acrylic or chalk based paints when you can experience the voodoo magic of no stripping, self priming Vintage Paint. 

Vintage Paint will save you time, money and stress....and the professional results will surprise you!   

No stripping

Paint over most existing paint or varnish without removing it first. 

No undercoat

Vintage Paint will stick to most bare wood, pre-painted and pre-varnished surfaces.

Quick drying

Touch dry in 30 minutes, ecoat in 1 hour, full cure in only 7 days!


It has a silky yet tough finish more resilient to general wear and tear. 


Non-toxic formula that is safe to use on childrens furniture, toys and pet beds. 

Water based

Water based paint is safer for the environment making cleanup easy with just soap and water.

Interior or exterior

Suitable for furniture inside and outside the home. 

Beautiful colours

Beautiful pre-tinted colours with paint names you can recognise

No waxing

Sealing paint with wax or clearcoat is not required... unless you want to! 

Low Odour

Confidently paint inside without stinking out your home.

Full range

Vintage Paint also produces sealers, basecoats and wax to maximise your experience.

Made in NZ

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand.