Vintage Stool afternoon makeover

Vintage Stool afternoon makeover

The radio was playing some very good music today so we often found ourselves singing out loud to the hits...much to each others disgust though, because we are both tone deaf. But on the upside it seemed to scare away the summer flies that are starting to accumulate now, so that was a bonus.

We completed this adorable little stool this afternoon. Its lots of fun doing little projects like this, It keeps us busy & motivated.

To get this look, paint the frame in Voodoo Molly Vintage Stain "Standard Black". To get that authentic vintage look, I thinned the paint down with water and applied it in multiple thin coats. This allowed the paint to look very smooth, like it had been used for decades. A piece of 180 grit sandpaper provided a subtle, soft distressing on the edges.

I prefer my black to be slightly shiner that what comes out of the tin... but I didn't want it glossy... so when the paint was dry I sealed it with Voodoo Molly Vintage Wax and buffed it to a soft lustre.

The jute webbing was hand stencilled before it was was heaps of fun... and now the stool looks great with that extra bit of punch. You will need to use a "webbing stretcher" to apply the webbing. Staple it on the underside. Some decorative nails around the outside of the stool might have been nice. :) 
Stencils, webbing, stretcher and decorative nails can be brought from the Mollies Make & Create website.  
Have you mixed together upholstery and painting before? Comment below. 
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