Make your own serving tray

Make your own serving tray

Vintage Paint - Make your own serving tray

Do you want to learn how to make your own wooden serving tray -- any size you like? Imagine how stylish this will look at the centre of a table with bread, cheese, ham and fruit. Or perhaps covered in cupcakes!

In this tutorial, Stevie used Voodoo Molly Vintage Stain, Vintage Paint, Vintage Clearcoat and Vintage Wax to achieve rustic style food board.

Start with a clean, bare wooden board and layer up!

Make your own custom food platter, in any size. 

Tools: Ruler, Pencil, 38mm synthetic brush, drill, lint-free cloth, disposable gloves

Supplies: Vintage Stain "Rimu", Vintage Paint "Classic White", Vintage Clearcoat "Low Sheen", Vintage Wax, masking tape.