How to Paint Exterior Furniture

How to Paint Exterior Furniture

Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint  works great on outside furniture, so brighten up your back garden with some lovely colours. 

The key to painting outside wood is to dilute the first coat. This allows the paint to penetrate into the porous surface creating its own priming surface.

My personal favourite colour for exterior furniture is Vintage Paint "Mermaid". Don't be scared to mix and match colours to suit the style of your garden. 

Its not just exterior furniture that can be painted... how about your plant pots too! 


  1. Clean furniture well, removing all traces of dirt, grease, wax and loose particles. A water blaster works well on old outside furniture.

  2. For the first coat use diluted Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint. Add together 1 part paint with 1 part water and stir well.

  3. Use a paint brush to paint the item with the diluted Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint, keeping the brush strokes in the direction of the grain. Remember to use disposable gloves - our paint is super sticky!

  4. Allow paint to dry.

  5. Use undiluted Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint  to paint the final coats.  


  • Do not paint over already flakey paint/varnish. Ensure it is removed first before overpaint, because paint is only as strong as the surface it's painted on.
  • Bare exterior furniture such as qwilla will need to be stainblocked first to prevent tannin bleed. Use Voodoo Molly Stainblock Primer. 
  • Avoid the temptation of applying too much paint. Paint applied in thin layers will withstand weathering for much longer. 

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