Candle Wax Resist Distressing

Candle Wax Resist Distressing

Distressing furniture is the process of removing a layer of paint to expose the underneath. This creates a layered, faux age finish.

Exposing multiple layers of paint is easy using Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint and a wax resist method.


  1. Clean furniture well, removing all traces of dirt, grease, wax and loose particles.

  2. Using a paint brush  paint the item with Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint  in the base colour you want peeking through (or leave it wooden).

  3. When the paint is dry use a candle on the areas where you'd like the base colour to show through. 

  4. Paint your top coat in the second colour of Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint  allowing it to dry well between coats. 

  5. When your paint is completely dry use sandpaper to gently rub the paint from edges. The paint will be easier to remove where the wax was applied.

  6. Add a coat of Voodoo Molly Vintage Wax  to create a lovely subtle sheen. When dry buff with a soft cloth.