Mixing my own custom colour

Mixing my own custom colour

Distressing creates an air of nostalgia and a softness that might not be achievable with flatly applied paint.

Add that to custom mixing your paint and BAM! you have a unique look all of your own.

When mixing Vintage Paint colours together, try to limit it to a maximum of 3. Colours can become dull and greyed when too many colours are used.

Consider making a small sample first (less than a teaspoon) and experiment with different combinations. I use a smalll disposable cup and a mini stir-stick.

When you're happy with the colour, make a full batch. Do not forget to stir, stir, stir before using or you'll end up with strange colour patches. 

Here is the method I used to paint this adorable oak art deco chair:

  1. Lightly scuff with sandpaper and clean it well, removing all traces of dirt, grease, wax and loose particles.
  2. Use a mix of Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint "Shabby Pink" and "Sweet Cheeks" to get a lovely soft shade of pink. Add some Vintage Chalk Powder as per directions.
  3. Using a paint brush paint the item with Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint (&/or Voodoo Molly Vintage Chalk), keeping the brush strokes in the direction of the grain. Remember to use disposable gloves - our paint is super sticky! 
  4. Allow paint to dry well between coats. This will help prevent paint peeling when you distress it.
  5. Whilst the paint was drying, I removed the old fabric off the seat and recovered it using a staple gun. For a drop-in seat, do not have too much bulky fabric on the outside edge (ie: watch how you fold the corners!) otherwise you might not fit it into the gap again. 
  6. When fully dry use 120 grit sandpaper to gently rub away the paint from edges. (For a rougher look use 100 grit, for more subtle distressing use 180 grit.) 
  7. To protect the exposed wood and provide a soft, subtle sheen add a coat of Voodoo Molly Vintage Wax. Allow to dry and buff with a soft cloth.
  8. For a glossier shine or extra protection on high-use areas use Voodoo Molly Vintage Clearcoat instead. Additional coats increase the gloss level.

Have you colour mixed Vintage Paint before? What colours did you use, and what did you paint? Comment below.