How I made this man-cave stool

How I made this man-cave stool

"Hi honey, I'm home"
"Hello my gorgeous husband, how was work?"
"Great! Guess what, I brought you something..."
"Oooooooo, is it an electric tool, or some rubbish?"
"Electrical Rubbish"
"YEEESSSS! Bring it in!"

My husband knows the way to my heart >>> a power tool or a piece of hard rubbish lol. The other day he showed up with two electrical reels (hence he said electrical rubbish hehehe).

How could I not turn one into a super manly rolling stool.  I reckon this would look super duper at a boys study desk OR A SET OF DRUMS :), or in a man cave. My husband is a bit of a petrol head and loves this. Of course.

I painted it in Vintage Paint Charcoal, which is almost black. I addedsome grey stripe details all around the centre, using masking tape and a paint mix of Classic White and Charcoal.

The top has new foam, which I cut to shape using an electric bread knife. I glued it in place with Ados spray adhesive. On top of the foam I used a layer of polyester wadding

It has been covered in Warwick imitation leather called Lustrell. I just had to stitch a diamond pattern on this to replicate a bike seat, it was screaming out for it. This was done by drawing pencil lines on the back, and feediting it into the sewing machine. I used piping cord to create a defined edge around the top of the cover, making your own piping is very easy!

The manly chair studs finished it off nicely - they are called decorative nail strips. How easy are these to put on! They are brought in long strips, so it took only a few minutes to bling this baby up. I used the antique coloured strips to keep a vintage, masculine feel. 

Lastly I brought a great pair of castor wheels, making the overall the height and width of the stool bang-on perfect!

What do you think of this in your man cave? Comment below. :)

(All the upholstery supplies in bold can be brought from the Mollies Make & Create website).