Help! Theres stain bleeding through!

Help! Theres stain bleeding through!

There are a lot of furniture painters out there, and I can bet my last dollar that one of their pet hates is the dreaded TANNIN BLEED. I can see some of you nodding in agreement at me now.

And others going 'Huh? The dreaded what bleed?".

Tannin bleed. The yicky-yucky, browny-yellow-pink, pain-in-our-butt stain that comes through when painting bare red-woods such as mahogany and cedar.

And what is tannin you ask? (You probably didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyways).

Its an acid in the wood that is water soluble. When you add a water-based paint onto the surface the tannic acid rises to annoy the heck outta us. And it doesn't matter if you have one coat of paint, or 30... it will still come through. 

This is especially annoying when you've already started to paint and then have to re-do. But if you realise it in time you can save yourself a lot of extra work by stainblocking it with Voodoo Molly Stainblock Primer.