Great advice for furniture up-cycling

  • Painting floors with stencil
    Liven up plain floors with Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint and stencils
  • How to Paint Terracotta Pots
    Terracotta pots are inexpensive to buy and with a little Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint you can transform them into expensive looking pots, bursting with character.
  • How I made this man-cave stool
    Electrical reels come in different sizes. This one is the perfect height for a stool. Here is how to turned one into a rolling stool.
  • How to paint a chalkboard
    Vintage Chalk Powder additive mixes easily with Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint allowing you to make chalkboards in every colour of the Vintage Paint range. Give it a go today, it's easy!
  • Refinishing a mid-century chair
    Yes, you can do a project in one day with Voodoo Molly. This chair was sanded, stained, varnished and upholstered on a single Saturday. See how I did it.
  • Help! Theres stain bleeding through!
    Have you started painting your mahogany side table, and a stain is starting to bleed through your paint? Oh No! Don't worry, we have the fix for you.
  • Masking Hints
    Are you about to paint stripes, harlequin or chevron patterns? Here are some handy hints for getting a great finish (without FrogTape).
  • How to whitewash a rough surface
    Whitewashing is a process of using diluted paint to bring out the natural grain, similar to wood stain. It can be a tricky technique to master so practice on a scrap of similar wood first.
  • Mixing my own custom colour
    Mixing your own colour of Vintage Paint is easy! Here's how I made a great pink shade for this adorable dining chair makeover.
  • Rifle case to an end of bed stool!
    Are you looking for something a little different in your bedroom. Here is a great idea of repurposing an awkward shaped wooden case into a functional seat.
  • Vintage Stool afternoon makeover
    We completed this adorable little stool this afternoon. Its lots of fun doing little projects like this, It keeps us busy & motivated. Here is how easy it was to do.
  • Repurpose a drawer into a tray
    We all love boxes and crates. If you find any old drawers around, here is a great way to repose them.

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