Tack Strips

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  • Metal Tack Strips, 68.5cm
    Sold individually, mostly used in pairs
  • Cardboard tack strip, 90cm, 20Pk
    Used for back tacking +101 other uses
  • Flexible metal tack strip, per meter
    Also called ply grip, used for back tacking
  • Cardboard tack strip, 18m
    Used for back tacking

Hints & Tips


Metal Tack Strips: These are used on the right &/or left of outside panels, such as the outside back or outside arms. Cut them to length with a hacksaw blade or tin snips. You press the fabric onto the prongs and hammer in place with a mallet

Cardboard tack strips: There are many reasons upholsterers use cardboard tack strip, however back tacking is the most common. Its used on the top of outside panels, such as the outside back or outside arms. It is used to give a straight clean edge. Secure the fabric in place, then lay the cardboard strip ontop. Secure with staples and fold the fabric down. 

Flexible metal tack strip: Also called ply-grip. It is used for blind tacking around both straight and curves, such as wings. Staple the strip onto the frame with the teeth facing outwards. Press the teeth down until almost closed, tuck the fabric in and close with a mallet


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