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Hints & Tips

Jute webbing: Jute webbing is usually used with coil springs, and is attached to the bottom of the seat frame. Jute webbing is also used for inside arms and wings to support the padding.

Install Jute Webbing: Use a webbing stretcher to attach jute webbing onto the underside of the frame. Use a woven pattern. 

Elastic webbing: Elastic webbing is stretchy, so is a great substitute for springs.  Buy the right grade elastic webbing for your project. Two stripe webbing is good for footstools, inside arms and chair backs. Three stripe webbing is used for ottomans and seating. Four stripe webbing is used for heavy-duty seating use. 

Install Elastic Webbing: Unlike jute webbing, ou can pull elastic webbing by hand. Attach it to the top of frame in a woven pattern, then add a layer of hessian and a foam core. 


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